International Culinary ID

International Culinary ID

Culinary ID is a unique identification program that is launched by ACOHI (Asian Countries Chamber of Hospitality Industry) for the individuals/organizations/corporates  who are working or aspiring to work in the hospitality industry at a City, State, National & International level. It is similar to an Aadhar card that verifies one’s personal details, but it also provides information about one’s professional career and achievements in the hospitality field. Broadly defined in 3 categories Professionals, Services & Products.  

Having a culinary ID for the above mentioned categories can bring many advantages to the individuals and the industry as a whole, such as enhancing one’s professional image and reputation in the industry, facilitating one’s national & global mobility and recognition along with easy acceptance for individuals, products & services in the Hospitality Industry of India & Asia.

It is the gate pass for entering the Hospitality Industry of India in a much more organized, refined and industry backed way for your business and career. This is the first programme in the entire world for the recognition & mapping of career, products & services in the Hospitality Industry of India, Asia & World to make sure there is abundance of quality in products & human resources which are being sourced for our Hospitality Industry through various channels. The tough Culinary ID process marked by BOG of ACOHI ensures the right people, products and services at the right place in the industry in a much more organized, dignified and branded way.

In the early days a lot of individuals, products and service providers used to enter the industry without proper background, education, skill  sets and no one used to get bothered about it which resulted in poor standards of products and human resource in the industry which is no longer the situation now. The industry works in systematic and verified ways for the betterment of our services, products and procurements for our industry overall across India & Asia.

Culinary ID has to be renewed every year as per the process of ACOHI BOG and is given only for one successful year, after verifying the last year’s report card of Individual, professionals, products & services it is extended for the next year. This is to ensure all the categories mentioned are on toes for quality and standards along with individuals & professionals career mapping along with their micro and macro movements with destinations & brands for which they work across the world.

Culinary ID also gives benefits to the person, product or service to upmarket his/her profile in many ways.


  • It’s a matter of prestige for any individual, product or service to get a Culinary ID after rigorous processes.
  • For professionals their CV gets enhanced by the special verification and Id which is unique which will follow till the end of his/her career.
  • Products get recognized as quality products with tags of verified products after they pass through the parameters of Culinary ID.
  • Easy acceptability by the industry resulting in better sales and growth specially for products and services.
  • Backed by the Industry.
  • Individuals, products & services are constantly connected with industry for growth and accelerations.
  • Product is branded with Culinary ID along with the logo of Trusted Brand.
  • Products are showcased with a trusted brand tag on the official portal of ACOHI which becomes a sales accelerations tool for products and services.
  • Those individuals who get Culinary ID, a separate sheet with name and number is published at the official portal of ACOHI whereby the human resource department can trace the individual growth and capabilities of the professional/s before they hire them or their services.
  • It reduces the burden of the HR department by almost 50% of understanding the professional and his capabilities as it is already mapped by ACOHI from last all the years right from his/her college days to present scenario including IHM college & residential verification.
  • Purchase departments’ burden for quality control is also reduced as the product is verified and trusted with Culinary ID and trusted brand tag.
  • You remain the industry chosen and special one in the list of crores of people on top as verified professional, product or service.

ACOHI Launches Culinary ID for the Hospitality Industry Across India and Asia

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