Business Mentorship

Business Mentorship

The Ultimate Guide of ACOHI Business Mentorship Services for Hospitality Entrepreneurs

Why Do You Need ACOHI Business Mentorship Services ?

Classified in 5 categories, ACOHI Business Mentorship is the most successful programme in the Hospitality Industry of India & Asia known for its accuracy & results in a shorter period of time which every business house needs.

Are you a startup, small or big business in the hospitality industry ?
Do you want to grow and expand your organization faster and smarter in the Hospitality Industry of India ?

Do you want to avoid the common pitfalls and challenges that can slow down or derail your success?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need ACOHI Business Mentorship Services.

ACOHI stands for Asian Countries Chamber of Hospitality Industry, which is the world’s first chamber of hospitality industry that provides expert guidance and support in all aspects of business, such as marketing, right brand positioning, finance, operations, human resources, marketing , legal, quality, innovation, research and strategy.

ACOHI Business Mentorship Services can help you to -

• Get support of masters in the trade which will automatically encompass your product in the right direction in Hospitality Industry of India and Asia.
• Save time and money by learning from the experience and expertise of the mentors who have been there and done that.
• Access the network and resources of ACOHI, which includes 30 lakh hospitality experts across 48 Asian Nations. You can create opportunities for collaboration, partnership, technology exchange and bilateral relations with other businesses in the industry.
• Enhance the quality and standards of your business by following the best practices and benchmarks set by ACOHI. You can also achieve recognition and accreditation from ACOHI’s star grading programme, which is Asia’s first private and very prestigious star grading programme for hotels, products and services or if your product can apply for the prestigious Culinary ID which will accelerate your business into mutifolds.
• Reach your goals easily with savings of lakhs of rupees and most importantly your precious time which you may waste in the process to establish your product.

Think of ACOHI Business Mentorship Services as your GPS for your business journey. Without it, you might be wandering in the dark, taking wrong turns and facing accidents. With it, you can navigate your way to your desired destination with ease and confidence.

Classified in 5 categories – Services can be availed with inclusion of special pricing as fee based on which the Brand /Product could be mentored by the experts 

Class      –  A,B,C,D,E,F

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