How to Have the Time of Your Life at ACOHI Lonavala Carnival

Lonavala is a charming hill station in Maharashtra, famous for its scenic views, pleasant climate, and mouth-watering chikki. But there is more to Lonavala than meets the eye. Every year, in the month of December, Lonavala hosts a grand festival called the Lonavala Carnival, which attracts thousands of nature lovers and adventure seekers from across the country. The Lonavala Carnival is a celebration of nature, culture, and fun that offers a unique and unforgettable experience to the visitors.

ACOHI Lonavala Carnival - A Celebration of Culture, Fun, and Nature

The Lonavala Carnival is held at the Aamby Valley City, a luxurious township that offers world-class amenities and facilities. The carnival lasts for two days and features various attractions such as:

– Cultural activities: The carnival also offers a range of cultural activities such as silent disco parties, bonfires, dream catcher workshops, painting workshops, poi workshops, drum circles, and sports. These activities allow the visitors to interact with each other and have fun in a festive atmosphere.
– Adventure sports: The carnival also provides an opportunity for adventure seekers to indulge in thrilling sports such as paragliding, boating, horse riding, rock climbing, jungle trekking, and jeep safari. These sports enable the visitors to explore the natural beauty and wildlife of Lonavala from different perspectives.
– Shopping and dining: The carnival also has a variety of stalls and outlets that offer local handicrafts, souvenirs, chikki, honey, spices, and other products. The carnival also has a variety of cuisines to cater to every taste bud such as Maharashtrian, Gujarati, Punjabi, Chinese, Italian, and Continental.

Lonavala Carnival - How to Reach the Hill Station of Your Dreams

Lonavala Carnival is easily accessible by road from major cities such as Mumbai (83 km), Pune (65 km), Nashik (222 km), and Kolhapur (326 km). The nearest railway station is Lonavala (6 km) and the nearest airport is Pune (75 km). There are regular buses and taxis available from these places to reach Lonavala Carnival.

The National Tent Village - A Unique and Cozy Way to Stay at Lonavala Carnival

Lonavala Carnival offers a unique accommodation option for the visitors called the NTV. The facility is a campsite that provides tents with comfortable beds and amenities. The campsite also has common washrooms, showers, lockers, charging points, security guards, and medical facilities. The campsite also offers buffet breakfast and dinner to the guests. The site is a great way to experience the carnival in a close and cozy manner.

ACOHI Lonavala Carnival - Where to Stay for Every Budget and Preference

– Novotel Imagicaa
– Imagicaa Resort
– Fariyas Resort
– Lagoona Resort
– Hilton Shillim Estate Retreat & Spa
– Della Resorts
– Rhythm Lonavala

The Benefits of Visiting Lonavala Carnival - How It Can Boost Your Mood, Health, and Happiness

Lonavala Carnival is a one-of-a-kind event that celebrates nature in a spectacular way. It is a perfect getaway for nature lovers who want to witness the beauty and diversity of Lonavala in an adventurous way. It is also a perfect getaway for fun lovers who want to have fun with their friends in a festive mood. It is also a perfect getaway for culture lovers who want to experience the local traditions and crafts of Lonavala. The carnival is also a great way to boost the local economy and promote sustainable tourism.

Lonavala Carnival - A Festival That Offers Something for Everyone

Silent disco parties: These are parties where the participants wear wireless headphones and dance to their own choice of music. The parties are held at night and create a surreal and fun atmosphere.

Bonfires: These are cozy gatherings around a fire where the participants can enjoy the warmth, roast marshmallows, sing songs, and share stories. The bonfires are held in the evening and create a romantic and relaxing mood.

Dream catcher workshops: These are workshops where the participants can learn how to make their own dream catchers, which are traditional Native American crafts that are believed to protect the sleeper from bad dreams. The workshops are held in the afternoon and create a creative and spiritual mood.

Painting workshops: These are workshops where the participants can learn how to paint their own landscapes, portraits, or abstract art. The workshops are held in the morning and create an artistic and expressive mood.

Poi workshops: These are workshops where the participants can learn how to spin poi, which are balls attached to strings that are swung in rhythmic patterns. The workshops are held in the evening and create a dynamic and energetic mood.

Drum circles: These are circles where the participants can play drums or other percussion instruments together in harmony. The circles are held in the afternoon and create a musical and communal mood.

& many more other activities.

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