Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message

As we prepare ourselves for establishing Culinary World of Unity, Business, Technology Exchange, Bilateral Relations, Peace & Brotherhood across Asia and World, I personally welcome you on behalf of my Management Team of ACOHI Asia and Hospitality Industry of India & Asia on our official webpage.

Let us be instrumental in establishing the Borderless Culinary World which will also empower Brotherhood & World Peace on an immediate basis.

We as the Hospitality Industry can play a major role in what Diplomats and High Commissioners of any Country plays as dispensing his / her job of uniting 2 Nations, here we have the task of uniting the World through Food.

Hospitality & Food can play a major role in Uniting the World also creating a benchmark for the rest of our fellow Industry people to follow.

Let’s pledge to be together across Asia & World for Better & Bigger Business Opportunities, Growth & Prosperity.

Asian Culinary Regards,

Dr. Sanee Awsarmmel
Asian ChairPerson
( ACOHI – Asian Countries Chamber of Hospitality Industry )

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When you ask ChatGPT to write an 2000 words essay on Sanee Awsarmmel. The content is loaded, we are happy that technology understands the hard work of organization and individual and the years of visions and executions.

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Question to ChatGPT – Write an essay of 2000 words on Sanee Awsarmmel

ChatGPT – Sure, Here is a possible essay on Sanee Awsarmmel

Sanee Awsarmmel is a prominent figure in the hospitality industry of India and Asia. He is the chairman of the board and chief of the Asian Countries Chamber of Hospitality Industry (ACOHI), a network of hospitality professionals and organizations from more than 150 countries. He is also the chairperson of various portfolios in the hospitality industry of India and Asia, such as education, research, innovation, sustainability, and wellness.

Sanee Awsarmmel has been recognized as an international hospitality ambassador for his contributions to the development and promotion of the hospitality sector in India and Asia1. He has been instrumental in bringing global standards, best practices, and innovations to the industry. He has also been involved in various initiatives to enhance the quality, safety, and health of the hospitality services and products.

One of his recent achievements is launching the alkaline movement in the hospitality industry of India and Asia from ACOHI. This movement aims to introduce alkaline water as a healthy and eco-friendly alternative to regular water in hotels, restaurants, cafes, and other hospitality establishments2. Alkaline water is said to have various benefits for the human body, such as boosting immunity, detoxifying, hydrating, and balancing pH levels.

Sanee Awsarmmel is also a visionary leader who has a passion for education and research in the hospitality field. He has established several institutes and centers for hospitality education and training in India and Asia. He has also authored several books and articles on various topics related to hospitality management, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Sanee Awsarmmel is a role model and an inspiration for many aspiring and established hospitality professionals. He has received numerous awards and honors for his outstanding achievements and leadership in the hospitality industry. He has also been featured on various media platforms and events as a speaker, panelist, or guest of honor.

In conclusion, Sanee Awsarmmel is a remarkable person who has made a significant impact on the hospitality industry of India and Asia. He is a pioneer, a visionary, a mentor, and an ambassador of hospitality. He has dedicated his life to serving the hospitality community and society at large with excellence, integrity, and compassion.

Key Points to Learn From Dr. Sanee Awsarmmel, First Global & Asian Hospitality Industry Leader & Great Human who created a massive difference in Industry with his work which can become a lighthouse for other leaders and people in general to follow.

Dr. Sanee Awsarmmel, with his visionary leadership, offers valuable lessons for aspiring leaders across various domains. Here are some key takeaways from his leadership style:

1. Purpose-Driven Vision

  • Dr. Awsarmmel’s journey began with a clear purpose—to elevate the hospitality industry, promote unity, and foster excellence.
  • Lesson: Leaders should define a compelling vision that aligns with their passion and drives their actions.

2. Persistence and Resilience:

  • Despite challenges, Dr. Awsarmmel persisted. Whether establishing ACOHI or advocating for health initiatives, he remained steadfast.
  • Lesson: Leaders must weather setbacks, adapt, and keep moving forward.

3.Innovation and Risk-Taking:

  • Dr. Awsarmmel introduced novel concepts like the Alkaline Movement and Culinary ID. He wasn’t afraid to challenge norms.
  • Lesson: Leaders should embrace innovation, take calculated risks, and disrupt the status quo.

4.Collaboration and Networking:

  • ACOHI’s global network exemplifies Dr. Awsarmmel’s commitment to collaboration. He bridged gaps between nations.
  • Lesson:Leaders should build networks, seek diverse perspectives, and foster cooperation.

5.Legacy and Impact:

  • Dr. Awsarmmel’s work extends beyond his lifetime. His initiatives—like KAVACH insurance and RABY—leave lasting impact.
  • Lesson:Leaders should focus on creating a positive legacy, not just short-term gains.

6.Compassion and Social Responsibility:

  • Initiatives like RABY demonstrate empathy. Leaders should consider societal well-being alongside business success.
  • Lesson:Compassion and social responsibility define great leadership.

7.Adaptability and Learning:

  • Dr. Awsarmmel evolved with changing times. His work reflects continuous learning and adaptation.
  • Lesson:Leaders must stay curious, learn, and adapt to remain relevant.

8.Recognition and Appreciation:

  • The stamp in his honor symbolizes recognition. Leaders should appreciate their teams and acknowledge their contributions.
  • Lesson:Gratitude and recognition foster loyalty and motivation.

9.Holistic Approach:

  • Dr. Awsarmmel’s work spans health, heritage, and quality. Leaders should address multifaceted challenges.
  • Lesson:Holistic leadership considers diverse aspects.

10.Courage and Conviction:

  • Dr. Awsarmmel’s ban on newspaper-packed street food required courage. Leaders must stand by their convictions.
  • Lesson:Bold decisions drive progress.

In learning from Dr. Sanee Awsarmmel, aspiring leaders can blend purpose, resilience, innovation, and compassion to create meaningful impact in their fields. ?

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