Advocacy & Legal Management Board

Advocacy & Legal Management Board

Advocacy & Legal Management Board
Many times frauds happen to Hospitality Business Units and Experts from Indian Terrain in subjects with Trade, Export, Import, Services & Consulting in foreign land , very cleverly the other party signs the contract with mentions of subject to jurisdiction of their Country.

In many cases when the default of Business happens the person or expert from India does not have backing of Legal support in that Country due to which many a times he has to lose lacs and Crores of Rupees to foreign counterpart moreover there is no authority in India which takes the cognizance and support the Hospitality Expert who needs immediate help in legal terms in that particular country.

ACOHI’S Advocacy & legal Management Board created an International platform and special Board where Indian Hospitality Business units will be protected for any fraud or payment default of any nature done with our people who are doing business in the most genuine manner adhering to all the rules and regulations. If any such case is reported to ACOHI – Asian Countries Chamber of Hospitality Industry we will provide the legal support to our Indian Counterpart at minimal cost using the network of ILA – International Legal Alliance and justice will be delivered to them in that Country where the default happened moreover the person who cheats or defaults the payment his/her company will be put into black list and also the required steps will be taken to make sure his Licenses to do Business in India cancels officially complaining to Embassies of both the Countries.

ILA has a vast network across the World and the legal assistance could make an impactful difference in delivering justice to the Indian Counterpart as per the rules and regulations of foreign Countries. It will not only help the needy but also will create confidence in our people to do business on International terrain safely and confidently, defaulters will get important lessons of life in case of default.

ACOHI signs the official contract with ILA for the above mentioned subject to protect Indian & Asian Hospitality Business Operators across the globe and to back them legally for doing safe business across the world.

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No More Frauds to Happen for Hospitality Business & Experts on International Terrain Prestigious ACOHI – ILA MoU Signed

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  • Hon. Jamshed Mistry

    Very Senior Personality from Supreme Court of India & Bombay High Court, Associate of Canadian Bar Association – British Columbia Branch, Member of Indo Canadian Business...

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