NCRK Project

NCRK Project

NCRK – National Central Relief Kitchens

Kitchens which are pre designed with approvals and mechanized systems which are extremely powerful to handy for any calamity are known as NCRK Kitchens.

Most of the times when calamity comes then the resources are made available after long struggle and then the service starts for relief. Take example of latest Covid situations where lacs of people were affected and were without food, water and basic needs.

Generally the city administration is in the hands of Collector and Divisional Commissioner in terms of calamity and he/she become the prime person to organize for such mechanisms in favor of people in general. But unfortunately the above authorities does not possess any specific plan in terms of Food & Beverages at the time of calamity and the authorities becomes helpless to fight the situation which the City or Region is going through.

NCRK Kitchens will be boon to authorities where by pre approved sanctions will be given to Kitchens of the city to start operations when the calamity hits. Government team as well as Hospitality Team will work hand in hand to make sure that affected people have been given assistance in terms of Food & Beverages as fast a possible via above mechanism.

Generally Government mechanism does not have any special policy to fight with such situations and for this only NCRK kitchens were established in each city of India to insure at the time of calamity the abovementioned city officers will get expert help from Hospitality Industry and people who are affected will be given the assistance in terms of Food & Beverages in more designed and fixed manner. It will be Joint Combing Exercise between City Administration and Hospitality Industry of India & ACOHI Chamber.

We have done this exercise more effectively during Covid time of 2020/2021 also the footage of the same has been attached along with news clips with appreciation letters from Individuals and Reputed Institutions which have been given to us for our extraordinary planning, service & execution during Pandemic.

The above kitchens should be part of NDRF – Delhi plan, we are making sure the plan is made available to them with appropriate assistance from Hospitality Industry of India & ACOHI Chamber and soon the plan will also shared with MOD – Ministry of Defense also for Calamity Management especially in terms of food and beverages.

Corporate, Social Organization, Individuals and Business Houses could be part of this noble endeavor.  Lets Fight together in more organized way.

Be a support system to NCRK Kitchens.

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Effective activation's of NCRK Kitchens during the most difficult COVID Pandemic Times - See Below Video


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