Food Bloggers Certification

Food Bloggers Certification

Food Bloggers Certification

The person who is educated enough in Hotel Management Studies, Food Science or Equivalent Studies reviews Food Technically in terms of Taste, Aroma, Presentation & Nutrition and in overall terms is called Food Blogger.

Person who just writes about food without proper Education, Skill Set, Experience cannot be termed as Food Blogger but lately due to abundance of Internet and availability of reference material any person who does not possess formal knowledge also starts writing about food and has started calling themselves “Food Bloggers” who are serious threat to Food Business across India, Asia and World.

A serious approach has been taken by Industry for these amateurs and self proclaimed Food Bloggers who are affecting the business negatively, those people have been taken legally and challenged in court of law by Hospitality Industry for any writings due to which the Hotelier suffer in losses of any type.

Due to these amateurs the real Food Bloggers who were having exact and required skill sets to write are falling far behind. Hence the need of certification started by Chamber to Certify the Real Food Bloggers and reward them with Certification of Experience and Cuisine.

This will help curb fake people and uplift real and educated talent which will be an asset to the Industry, customers and people in general and to work in more organized way which is the need of the hour.

If you think you are a Food Bloggers and needs the Industry certification which will help you work in more organized and protected way then fill the form below and get certified.

Links of few articles which will be handy for your reference and why there is need of certification for any Food Blogger.

Do read the articles it will open your eyes.

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