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LCO Board Team


Year of Est.: 2021
Nature Of Business: Highest Grade Luxury Culinary Cooking Oils of Various Types of India & Asia , Empowering Health & Overall Nutrition

Our Specialities

  • Gold Standard Product of India & Asia certified by LCO Board
  • This is the First Product of India & Asia which says “Ready for Laboratory Test” with mention of Prestigious Culinary ID on the front side of packing
  • Most Pure Cooking Oils of India & Asia developed in Pune – Maharashtra under mentorship of Hospitality Industry of India
  • Extremely Healthy for consumption resulting in better & overall Health
  • Ancient Stone Pressed used with utmost hygiene & safety resulting in maximum retainment of nutrients in oil after the process
  • Under Research of more than 10 years
  • Certified By Asia’s Topmost Hospitality Organization for Quality & Process
  • India’s First Product to get Official Culinary ID of Hospitality Industry after rigorous checks & formalities by Prestigious ACOHI
  • Made in India under the mega progressive model of India’s First Cooperative Movement in Luxury Culinary Oil empowering many Individuals and families for Startups & Business Growth in Oil Business which is the need of the hour to make our nation healthy & strong
  • Well Qualified & Trained Team for productionCertifications – NABL Laboratory •Product Chemical Analysis Certification •Product Quality Analysis Certification •Product Shelf-Life Test Certification

Product names

° LCO – Groundnut Oil

°LCO – Sunflower Oil

° LCO – Safflower Oil

°LCO – Coconut Oil

°LCO – Musturd Oil

Products Section

Parameters relied upon while establishing MRP are primarily the Raw material Quality, Product Purity, Hygiene Standards, Product Unique Quality, Product Shelf life while the secondary factors are the Manufacturing process, Product Packaging Material and Seals, Product Branding, Laboratory Testing, Statutory compliances, Certifications, Competition, which further includes Trade Margins, Promotional activities, Transportation and certain hidden expenses.


  • “ Rishta Dil Se ” , directly related to human health
  • “Oil Hai … Oily Nahi”….. especially in deep frying the retention of oil in food is minimal, fingers will not get oily stains, neither will
    one has to use a tissue to drain the excess oil
  • “Good Food Language” ….. more of food Flavour rather than the oil, 40% less usage as compared
  • Cook it, Fry it, Saute it, Garnish it, Simply Eat it !
  • Whole Nut ….. selection and gradation of seeds
  • Single Pressing …. first and the only extraction process (No multi pressing practised)
  • Stone Pressing ….. method to control extraction temperature enabling retention of all natural nutrients
  • Use of only ‘Non-GMO’ Seeds / Nuts in Raw material
  • Unrefined & Unfiltered ….. from beginning of extraction each oil is allowed to naturally sediment for a minimum of 100 hours that acts as a natural purifying method which not only retains the natural nutrients but also imbues it with natural plant-based sterols and the original nutty aroma
  • Taste ….. It brims with antioxidants and minerals; its distinctive and Subtle taste makes it ‘Culinary Special’
  • Separation of unwanted / unhealthy fats i.e., Saturated Fats from the Oil during the extraction process is rather a unique and clinically developed method, similar to a wooden beater that churns out the unwanted fats from the Oil.
  • No Preservatives, No Chemicals, No Artificial Colours, No Additives
  • Free from Argemone Oil
  • No Trans Fat
  • No CholesterolHigh Smoke Point, makes the oil suitable for deep frying food


Selection of seed quality is emphasised upon, Supply source is authenticated
Non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) quality of Seeds /Nuts is ensured upon
Size of Seeds / Nuts is ensured to desired standards.


In the process of seeds / Nuts packaging and Transportation;
i. use of Hermetic bag by placing this into an outer Jute Bag
ii. seeds / Nuts are filled in this bag and sealed after which the outer Jute Bag is sealed.
iii. No hooks allowed to load and unload the bags in transportation
iv. Though it’s an added cost : Benefits :
a. Hermetic Bag is organic
b. Is an excellent gas barrier
c. Creates modified atmosphere
d. Controls infestation without use of any kind of pesticide or fumigants
e. Extends storage period
f. Preserves Aroma and Colour of the Seeds / Nuts
g. Retains original moisture content of seeds / Nuts.


The Seeds/ Nuts are segregated, spoilt and split/broken ones are removed
On inspection if noticed any impurities or polluted foreign bodies on seeds / Nuts are removed with


Temperature at the time of extraction process necessarily to be below 40 Degree Celsius
Extraction Pressing pressures need to be maintained depending on the batch size and the type of seed being processed
Moisture of Seeds / Nuts to be maintained for different variety of Seeds / Nuts
RPM of the churner to be maintained between 14 and 18
Collection of extracted Oil after prescribed churning cycle time of approximately 45 minutes
Extracted oil has to be stored in food grade Stainless Steel containers designed for ease of refilling after natural sedimentation of 100 hours


In a state safe for human consumption
The assessment checklist is aligned with the standard benchmarking requirements and Regulations and detailed prerequisite programs that include –

  • GMP – Good manufacturing Practice
  • GHP – Good hygiene Practice
  • GLP – Good Laboratory Practice

The requirements are related to the quality management systems confirming to the ACOHI Standards & HACCP system (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)

Development of a positive food safety culture is equally necessary.


    • Labelling to be done before filling the packs
    • Use of 1 micron filter cloth to avoid passing of heavy seed particles in the pack
    • Filled contents to be measured in ‘ml’ & verify by corresponding weight +/- 2% tolerance
    • No spilling of oil while filling the packs
    • Capping tightness to be ensured for non-leakage
    • Neck Sealing with brand name
    • Ready to dispatch packages to be stored away from direct sunlight and UV rays and in a dry environment
    • Box package, outer corrugated box to be printed with:
    • Product Name ( Groundnut Oil; Coconut Oil etc)
    • Pack size ( Ex. 500 ml; 1 Ltr, etc)
    • Net quantity : No of packed Units ( Ex. 1 Ltr x 12 units)
    • Gross weight (Total weight of packed Units)
    • Outer Box pack to be sealed with Company Seal & Water proof covering
    • Other information to be highlighted on the outer box with Company Name; Company Address, License No, Date & Batch of manufacturing / packing
    • Display on outer box Emblems of : ‘This Side Up’, ‘Handle with care’, ‘Reduce Reuse Recycle’


  • Same as ‘manufacturing guidelines”


NABL Laboratory

  • Drinking Water Test Certification
  • Product Chemical Analysis Certification
  • Product Quality Analysis Certification
  • Product Shelf-Life Test Certification


  • Shop and Establishment license
  • UDYAM Registration / MSME
  • FSSAI License
  • GSTIN Registration
  • Trade Mark Registration


  • Be Real
  • Be Accountable
  • What we do, We do it WELL
  • Satisfy and Delight our customers on every food platter


“If you have a healthy body – you are a Champ”.

Everything we do is about you and your Good Food Language. From Chefs who create flavourful recipes, to crew members who know how exactly you want your food platter, we produce what you need to get you on your way. We strive to keep you at your best, and we remain loyal to you, your tastes and your health.


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