Culinary ID – IHM’S & Private Educational Institutions

Culinary ID – IHM’S & Private Educational Institutions



Shine like a star in the culinary and hospitality industry of India, Asia & World.

The culinary and hospitality industry is one of the most dynamic and competitive sectors in the world. It requires constant innovation, creativity and excellence to succeed and thrive in this field. How can IHM Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology & Private Institutes gain an edge over their competitors and prove their worth in the national and international market ?

The answer is simple – By joining the Culinary ID/Star Gradations program launched by ACOHI specially for Hotel Management Institutes for the first time in India , Asia & World. There is no system in the entire world which grades catering colleges in the star categories. This is the first ever golden standard programme positioned by ACOHI & hence this programme becomes utmost important to get that recognition which your institute deserves.

The Culinary ID program is a new initiative that aims to recognize and certify the quality and excellence of culinary and hospitality education in India. The program is based on a star gradation system that ranges from one star to seven stars with national & international category, depending on the performance and standards of the institutions. The program evaluates institutions on various criteria such as –
• Goals of the organization/institute with impact on industry and national growth
• Curriculum and its depth
• High tech learning methods and its adaption
• Quality checks of the institution – building, infrastructure, labs, production units and specialty kitchens
• Facilities at the institute for students and teachers
• Teachers force and their education criteria
• Placements track records
• Sports and other facilities
• Notable alumni and their connect with the institute
• Industry connect
• Seminars and events for upgradations
• CSR activities

The application process for the Culinary ID program is simple and straightforward. Institutions can apply online by filling out an application form on the ACOHI website
Once approved, institutions will receive their Culinary ID certificate and status of gradation in stars along with culinary id which is an unique id specially given to the institute.
The program also offers optional press coverage for institutions at different levels – city, state, national and international – at different pricing at ACOHI HQ.


• Marking the above points, the institute has to make an application for the gradation of the institute by filling the inquiry form which is attached below.
• Your initial inquiry will be shifted to appropriate departments who handle grading and systems after the basic checks of paperwork submitted. (Paperwork like Government/University/Affiliation approval of your Institute has to be submitted along with application).
• The gradations department will get in touch via mails for further steps. You will be asked to send a detailed report and paperwork for the process.
• Once paperwork is cleared, you will be diverted to the treasury for making the initial payment of 20% of the actual gradation fees. Star Gradation fees is Rs. 2 Lacs per year.
• Once the application is formally accepted, a special committee will be formed for the assessment of the institute consisting of topmost people from the industry which may vary from minimum 3 to 7 members for the actual scrutiny.
• Travel, stay, f & b & other arrangements related to visit have to be taken care of by the institute as per the protocols of ACOHI BOG for its members which will be informed to the institute.
• Committee arrival dates will be informed to the institute in advance, so that the institute can prepare themselves accordingly.
• Actual committee visit happens whereby all the above mentioned criteria are checked physically by the committee.
• Based on the secret report submitted by the committee after the visit to ACOHI BOG, application will be either accepted or rejected for the star gradation.
• After a successful visit & positive report, full payment has to be deposited to the ACOHI Treasury.
• Culinary ID and Star Gradations is informed & announced by the ACOHI BOG.
• At this stage the institutions are offered with the options of press which is divided into 4 categories city, state , national & international level at different pricing which is optional.
• Rejection may happen if the information provided is wrong or not up to the mark of the committee which they may find during the visit.
• Proposal if rejected, payment made by the institute towards the treasury remains non refundable.


• Rs. 2 lacs per year, to be renewed every year after the successful submission of report of last year performance & review by the ACOHI BOG.
• 20% amount to be paid before the committee visit to treasury. Rest payment after the successful completion of BOG report and visit.
• Certificate and plans to be issued after the payment of the remaining 80% amount to the treasury.
• If opted for the press section, 100% payment has to be paid to the treasury before the press conference.
• For more details about press results, visit the section of Gallery – Press at the header of the website.


• Depending on the category of application and the level the time frame may take from 1 month to 3 months from the time of application as there is numerous paperwork and procedures.
• Applicants who are from outside India may take more time for verifications depending on their case and application.

The benefits of the Culinary ID program are immense. It provides institutions with a benchmark for quality, class education, advanced pattern, supreme systems, latest advancements over other brands and IHM institutions.
It also provides institutions with national and international recognition which can help them attract more students, clients, business name and fame along with quality students taking admission into their institute.

The Culinary ID program is a golden opportunity for Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology & Private Institutes to showcase their excellence and innovation in culinary and hospitality education. The program will help them shine like a star in the culinary and hospitality industry and achieve higher standards of quality and professionalism. The program will also benefit the industry and the nation by producing skilled and competent professionals who can contribute to the growth and development of the culinary and hospitality sector.

Don’t miss this chance to join the Culinary ID – Star Grading program and become a star in your field.
Apply today and get ready to shine!

ACOHI Board of Governance – BOG Clears the Prestigious 5 Star Gradation and Culinary ID of DY Patil Deemed to be University – School of Hospitality & Tourism Studies, Navi Mumbai – India.

In a Historical Movement – DYPUSHTS Certified By ACOHI as First 5 Star Rated School of Hospitality & Tourism in India after the Detailed Checks, Documentations, Process & SOP of ACOHI.

Congratulations to the entire staff & team of DYPUSHTS for this extraordinary achievement.

Before this only Hotels used to be Graded and not Educational Institutions, scenario and history is changed by ACOHI giving extreme importance and prominence to Catering Colleges & Institutes who created and maintained extreme Better Infrastructure & Facilities for Students for better Learning and Development of Students and Industry.

Educational Institutions on the way of Streamlining & United Development across India & Asia via ACOHI.

ACOHI Launches Culinary ID for the Hospitality Industry Across India and Asia

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