National Listing

National Listing

National Listing


Trusted Brands are those brands who clear the rigorous process of Culinary ID in terms of paperwork, quality of product and process orientation which are required to qualify for the listing at National Level.

The process also defines them differently from their competition brands & products in terms of value and quality which is required for Hospitality Industry as per the parameters defined by ACOHI – BOG for the product supply and service given at the national level which is mentioned in the qualification certification awarded to the brand.

Hospitality Industry of the defined city can give opportunities in terms of ordering the product for our Industry or the service which can be rendered from the below mentioned products, vendors, suppliers and service providers only on the national level mentioned as ACOHI paperwork shows qualification and clearance of the product only on national level.

The product is not qualified or found suitable for servicing above the national level mentioned on certification as per the paperwork and report submitted by the ACOHI BOG.

ACOHI – Trusted Brand is the first process in the entire India, Asia & World which qualifies specific brands to service and supply the products to Hospitality Industry which are already pre checked and approved for quality and service in detail as per the various parameters of ACOHI and has been given specific Culinary ID with the ACOHI – Trusted Brand Tag from the Industry on the National level only for one year.

Again after the successful completion of the process next year the brand is awarded the trusted tag again. Kindly check the certificate of the product and its date of expiry of the certification before awarding the order to the brand. Yearly checks by ACOHI keep the brands on toes for quality of the product.

Physical checks done via Special Committee on following points –

• History, Background & Reputation of the Company/Organization
• Product & Licencing
• Address, Manufacturing Process
• Raw Product Procurement Sourcing
• Storage Planning
• Product Preparation Methodology
• Packing Technology Usage
• Transportation & Distribution Mechanisms
• Pricing, SOP, Sales & Marketing Analysis
• After Sales Planning
• Guarantee/Warranty Plans
• Reputation Plans
( Same parameters are applied in slight variations as per ACOHI BOG SOP for Services concerned )

Benefits of Trusted Brand Tag for the Product & Service –

• It will be a sense of pride and accomplishment for any product to be listed with the Hospitality Industry of India via ACOHI.
• Work of Team Purchase or Purchase Managers from the Hospitality Industry is reduced as the product is already approved from the Industry as Quality & Trusted Product on the Specific – National Level.
• Will be given a Unique Registration Culinary ID number which can be used for business purposes on all your credentials and business communication like letterheads, visiting cards, websites and social media accounts for the particular given one year which needs to be renewed every year after the scrutiny of valid papers. The tag can come on your communications as Company Listed with Asian Countries Chamber of Hospitality Industry – Registration Number ACOHI/IND/500023/BRAND NAME/YEAR/ACCREDITED – With Quality & Trusted Product Seal.
• Your product/services will be easily accepted by Industry and clients.
• Listing will improve the standing of your product as recognized by Industry and Chamber across the Nation.
• Insertion of brand as listed/trusted company in all our communications from Chamber & Industry in our regular periodicals.
• Visibility on the official web portal of Chamber as a trusted brand which will act as booster for Sales and Marketing for your Product.
• Product/Brand to position its market standing in terms of  Valuation, Banking, Investments and Recognition.

Are you a product or service which is fitting for the Hospitality Industry of India & Asia then this is the perfect place for you to expand your horizons for your brand, fill in the inquiry form and stay ahead of time with our Industry as an insider with trusted brand tag.

( T & C Applied )

Trusted Brands of Hospitality Industry of India in ( National Category ) for the Successful Year of 2022 – 2023  
Trusted Brand Category - National.
Trusted Brand Category - National.
Trusted Brand Category - National.
Trusted Brand Category - National.

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