Impactful Work

Impactful Work


Indian Post Department – Government of India launches Stamp of our Chairman Honorable Dr. Sanee Awsarmmel.

The Historical Day in the History of the Hospitality Industry of India, Asia & World.

This is the first ever respect given to our Industry & its People in India which will be followed now World over.



The mail which was sent to Honorable Shri Bacchu Kadu ( Former Minister for State for Water Resources (Irrigation) & Command Area Development, School Education, Woman & Child Development, Labour, OBC-SEBC-SBC-VJNT Welfare, Former Guardian Minister for Akola District & Current ChairPerson of State Level Committee of Divyang Welfare Department – Government of Maharashtra )

Detailed EMail Description –

date: Mar 15, 2024, 2:35 AM
subject: Here are the Historical & Progressive Draft Points for Maharashtra State GR which are below mentioned for the implementation in Hospitality Industry of Maharashtra

Respected & Honorable Shri. Bacchu Kadu Ji & Honorable Dr. Rajendra Jagdale Ji,

We wish to thank you for taking the subjects on priority for implementation and we assure our full support for the implementation via ACOHI & Hospitality Industry of India.

Here are the points for GR which are below mentioned.

GR NO 1 – ( Proposed Draft )

Official reservations of 5% in all category of Hotels in Maharashtra ranging from 1 star to 5 stars along with all types of restaurants and eateries, canteens, facility management, BPO, KPO, premises and malls and theatres of all kinds specially for dining and having food with dignity and respect for Divyang people. Special toilets along with special ramp & railings for entry to be made by the hotels & establishments which are utmost necessary as per the New – Person with Disability Act 2016 . Hotel Industry Organizations to be asked to look after the implementations in perfect coordination with state authorities as part of their responsibility & CSR activities. The above GR to be linked with & for PMC Building Approval & FDA license department who can do yearly scrutiny of the facilities for old and new buildings.

GR No 2 –( Proposed Draft )

Special skill development courses to be launched in State Government Catering Colleges for minimum 3-6 months for which only divyang teachers with appropriate skills should be appointed to teach in coordination with staff of catering institute. The course will become the access & entry point for the employment of divyang people also because of the course they will understand the industry, work and responsibilities better as they will be trained accordingly for the same for better performance and results in the industry.

GR No 3 –( Proposed Draft )

Reservations in areas near canteens and food courts of government premises for running small scale food business via industry approved high tech food carts, which will enable livelihood to divyang people and their families. Permission only to be given for those who have successfully completed the programme of Catering College which has been specially designed for Diyyang people in the Hospitality Industry across Maharashtra. The course will mark history for the first time in India starting from Maharashtra.

GR No 4 –( Proposed Draft )

All special category divyang people who are getting trained for Hospitality Industry business & jobs should be covered under Hospitality Industry’s special Insurance cover which is unmatched for today’s time known as “KAVACH MEDICLAIM INSURANCE”.

Our Legal Research Says –

  • As per the persons with disability act mandate 1995 says that all public buildings should have ramp, railings, toilet blocks.
  • As per the revised new disability act mandate 2016 of persons with disability says all public buildings which are public in nature should have should have ramp, railings, toilets the act also recognized concept of Universal Design which says that facilities should be made in such a way that elder & normal people can also use the facilities happily.
  • Number of disability factors was raised from 7 ailments to 27 to 30 approximately in the new act of 2016.
  • Benchmark Disability – Any new type of disability which is discovered by science will get automatically covered in the new act of 2016 where the percentage should be 40% given by the appropriate state authorities.

Hospitality Industry’s Support –

  • For all the above mentioned GR Hospitality Industry of India & ACOHI will give positive and extraordinary support as we take this job as special and close to our ethics & conscience.

We remain at your support always, should you require any further information about our organization, could be accessed at and you could write back to us at


Felicitation of ACOHI for Impactful work in Hospitality Industry of India at NSCI Dome – Worli, Mumbai on the important & official dias of Government of Maharashtra.

Honorable Chairman of ACOHI Dr. Sanee Awsarmmel receives the Trophy from Honorable Shri. Devendra Fadnavis Ji in the midst of Glamorous names and personalities.


Acohi news

Dr. Sanee Awsarmmel Chair Person of ACOHI & Hospitality Industry of India along with Prime Minister’s Advisor & Special Secretary to PMO Dr. Gulshan Rai recieves the Prestigious Suryadatta National Award. Dr Awsarmmel was bestowed the award for his Supreme Excellence in Hospitality Industry of India & Asia.

The award was given with the most respected and of the august hands of Honorable Padma Shri Murlikant Petkar Ji.

ACOHI wishes to thank Honorable Shri. Sanjay Chordiya Ji and his Board of Directors of Suryadatta Group – India for this Milestone and Selection.

  1. Representation of 30 lac Hospitality Professionals
  2. 12 Guinness, Asia & Indian Records in Hospitality Industry which is World Record in itself.
  3. 8 Hours Duty implementation in Hospitality Industry of India which till today nobody could dare neither dream off which was pending from last 72 years.
  4. Creation of World Topmost Network of Hospitality Experts and running it successfully from last 14 years.
  5. Creation of Historical KAVACH Mediclaim Insurance first time in India which was dream come true for Hospitality Industry, Crores of Hospitality Brothers & Sisters to get benefitted.
  6. Formation of momentous “Republican Akshay Bhojan Yojana” to feed hungry & needy people hit by calamity, RABY Yojana has shown its importance during COVID times by serving 5300 people every day with Fresh, Hygienic & Nutritious Food without anybody’s support. It was executed only with the force of Hospitality Army.
  7. Pioneers of Starting Operation “Flood 2” for A2 Milk which is India’s biggest quality revolution in milk.
  8. Formation of World’s First Chamber of Hospitality Industry & bringing more than 48 Nations together on the platter of Hospitality.
  9. Action to combat Human Trafficking first time in India in association with Maharashtra Government, signed MOU with Government of Maharashtra for the same for joint action in front of Chief Minister of Maharashtra & top Beauro crats of Government of India.
  10. Playing massive role in Borderless Culinary World.
  11. Creating landmark revolution of original chocolates and making the awareness and actions through International Chocolate Research & Innovations Council.
  12. The much talked about action on Food Bloggers legally, menace & extortion has been stopped which was continuing from ages to Hoteliers and Fraternity.
  13. Revolution in Food Truck Industry by forming Bhartiya Food Truck Association.
  14. Government started referring in communication & books as Hospitality instead of “Adaratithya” word is all because our actions and communications.
  15. Extensive joint work with FDA & FSSAI.
  16. First time bringing all the IHM Principals & Educational Experts of Hospitality Industry together which has never happened earlier due to many reasons of Ego, Lack of Coordination, Consolidated Communication etc.
  17. Established NCRK – National Central Relief Kitchens which was the need of the hour they have already proved their mettle during COVID times with their Best & Robust performance.
  18. Established “World Culinary Diplomacy Club” bringing the Culinary World together more than 41 countries to be part of this massive Club with the objective to have World Peace through Culinary Relations & Protocols.
  19. International Lawyers Network has been established to make sure our Hospitality Workers get Justice Internationally in case they have to fight on foreign terrain legally.
  20. Much needed action on issues like Students Stipend, Facilities and Security for Female Workers has been started while working in Hotels which was never spoken earlier.
  21. Innovation of India’s First & Make In India “ Bheem Cart “which will create revolution on street food under smart cities project along with Mission Paper & Cups all the above mentioned products got appropriate Government accreditations and went into World Record. Inaugurations were done by various Hon. Cabinet Ministers of India of the products.
  22. Movement to Stop Refined Oil via “ Shuddh Ke Liye Yuddh“  resulting in Ban on Blending in Mustard Oil in Delhi and North East sectors of India. Now focusing on Groundnut Oil in Maharashtra & Gujarat Region.
  23. Action on Revamping of entire Syllabus of Hotel Management which is completely outdated and which needs immediate revision.
  24. Bringing all Muslim Bakers together first time under one banner creating unity & strength in bakery section of India.
  25. Protection to word “ Chef ” by taking legal actions against those non professionals who were using it fearlessly protecting Industry Chefs & Fraternity.
  26. Activation of #PROJECTSHANTA which will empower lacs of household ladies with dignity and education eventually boosting the economy and lower strata of society.
  27. Prosecution on film stars for misguiding with false ads on food products.
  28. Brought the Travel & Tourism Industry together who were earlier working in 2 different directions for the common goal on unity & strength.
  29. Played important role in the formation of NACC – National Association of Corporate Caterers creating unity, strength and integrity.
  30. Association with 5 lac Garhwal Chefs amounting to major Strength and Unity across India.
  31. Formation of Organic Revolution on grass root level adopting villages and doing research on the fruits and vegetables.
  32. Due to our actions & efforts 8 hours issue was spoken and raised in Parliament by Hon. Ramdas Athawale (Union Minister for State – Social Justice & Empowerment – Government of India) which was termed as massive win for our ideology and our work for Hospitality Industry.
  33. Formation of Bikers Club & Recreational Club for Hospitality Industry Workers and Professionals.
  34. Formation of India’s most powerful Labor Union bringing all the small and big Unions of Hospitality under its wings with the formation of bigger force & unity by the name of National Union of Hospitality Industry of India ( A National Unit of Republican Party of India – Athawale ).  
  35. Safe Food Movement started in Film City– Goregaon – Mumbai First time in association with FDA Maharashtra first time in the history of last 70 years due to which all film catering units will be serving with safe and nutritious food to the film and unit members across Goregaon Film city.
  36. The first of its kind project to protect the “Rights of Prisoners for Food” in order to make the society much humane.
  37. The concept of incorporating the Power of Prayer before cooking which will change the DNA of Food will be seen first time in India major Asia level programme launched.
  38. The prestigious Culinary ID which will be like Aadhar Card for each & every Hospitality Professional of India which will curb problems of HR Management, Security & Unique Identification like Education Details,  Previous Work History, Good & Bad Reviews of Person, Exact & Actual Experience Etc.
  39. Culinary Olympics to see Indian Terrain in 2025.
  40. Dignity & acceptability enhanced of Indian Street Food with various action internationally.
  41. Tow Glamorous Industries were brought on one platform for common interest and business – Hospitality Industry of India & Hindi Film industry.
  42. Formation of Chai Makers Association brings the most unorganized sector together for unity work.
  43. Creation of Organic Farming Board giving way for Research & Innovations.
  44. Leading from front to bring His Holiness – Hon. Pope of Vatican City to India for World Peace Movements through Hospitality Industry of India. History will create on his arrival after 35 years.
  45. Revival of Teli Community which is known to be producers of oil in age old Indian Trade & Practice Systems giving Boost to Fresh & Organic Oil Industry.
  46. Action on Zomato for protecting Hundreds of Corporate Caterers and rendering justice system to them via legal channel.
  47. Movement on bringing back the lost legacy of Gir Cowby establishing “ Ek Ghar Ek Gir” in rural parts of India.
  48. Extraordinary Development started on Semen Research in Animal Husbandry Chamber Department across Asia.
  49. Working for Fodder Management & Research for Animal Husbandry Department.
  50. Started the most prestigious CERT – ACOHI (The Non Bias Certification) for Hospitality Industry.
  51. Incorporated Oscars Academy Permanent Chair in association with Hospitality Industry of Asia under Chamber for joint actions and developments.
  52. Work started on the most required project of Highway Hospitality Management & Aviation Project which will work on Trauma Center Project and Highway Food Mall & Facility Center creating Hotels & Motels Project across Indian Highways and Asian Countries with state of the art mechanisms and facilities for travelers which is most need of the hour.
  53. In COVID most difficult times Maharashtra was able to get Food Products of Bakery Section was due to our efforts whereas in earlier mode Bakery section were not allowed to operate. On the basis of our action with in overnight the Bakery sections were allowed to open due to which many poor & needy people could able to eat products like bread and Pav which became their substitute for livelihood.
  54. The first to start the movement to change the term of Hotel Management to HAS – Hospitality Administrative Services.
  55. Our Chairman Hon. Shri. Sanee Awsarmmel Bestowed with D Litt of Highest Order & becomes Dr. Sanee Awsarmmel By Vikramshila University – India – Asia for taking the flag and Leadership of Hospitality Industry of India & Asia ahead. Vikramshila is World’s Prime University and is even Senior to Oxford University, Harvard University and also Cambridge University.