ACOHI 4 Star Premium Hotel Listing ( India & Asia )

General Facilities For 4 Star Hotel:
• Full-time operation 7 days a week in season.
• Establishment to have all necessary trading licenses.
• Establishment to have public liability insurance.
• 24 hr. lifts for buildings higher than ground plus two floors.
• Bedrooms, Bathroom, Public areas and kitchen fully serviced daily.
• All floor surfaces are clean and in good shape.
• Floors can be of any surface or materials.
• Power backup or Diesel Generator – DG sets.

Guest Room Facilities For 4 Star Hotel
• Minimum 10 lettable rooms, all rooms with outside windows / Ventilation.
• Minimum size of bedroom excluding bathroom in 140 sq. ft.
• Air-conditioning should be done on 100% of Rooms
• A clean change of bed and bath linen daily & between check-in.
• Minimum bed width for a single 90 cm and double 180 cm.
• Mattress minimum 10 cm thickness.
• Minimum bedding 2 sheets, pillow & case, blanket, mattress protector/bed cover.
• Suite room – 2% of room block with a minimum of 1 suite room.
• 4 Star deluxe hotels shall provide a hairdryer facility in the room on a complimentary basis.
• In-Room Safe should be provided in a room.
• Minibar / Fridge – the items kept in the minibar should conform to local laws.
• Drinking water minimum one tumbler per guest with Glass.
• All category hotels provide two sealed bottles of branded bottled water of a minimum 400 ml. per person per day on a complimentary basis.
• Clean and good quality linen should be provided to the guest.
• Shelves /drawer space for 4 star hotel.
• Wardrobe with a minimum of 4 clothes hangers per bedding.
• Sufficient lighting, 1 per bed
• A 4amp earthed socket power near bedside and USB charger.
• A bedside table and drawer.
• TV – cable or satellite channels if available.
• A writing table or surface with sufficient lighting.
• A wastepaper basket in the room.
• Opaque curtains or screening at all windows.
• A mirror at least half-length (3”).
• A stationary folder containing stationery.
• A ‘do not disturb’ notice.
• A clean my room notice.
• Night spread/bedcover.
• Energy-saving lighting.
• Linen Room or Wardrobe well ventilated.
• Telephone with direct dialing and intercom.

Required Bathroom Facilities For 4 Star Hotel
• All rooms should be with attached bathrooms.
• Minimum size of bathroom in square feet is 36 SQ FT.
• Minimum of 1 Bath Towel and 1 Hand towel to be provided per guest.
• Bath Mat to be provided.
• New guest toiletries to be provided with a minimum of 1 new soap per guest
• Bottled toiletry products to be provided.
• Clothes hooks in each bath/shower room.
• A sanitary bin with cover to be provided.
• Each western WC toilet has a seat with lid and toilet paper.
• 4 Star hotels shall provide water sprays or bidets or washlets or other modern water-based post-toilet-paper hygiene facilities.
• Floors and walls have non-porous surfaces.
• Hot and cold running water available 24 hours.
• Shower cabin or shower cubical or Bathtubs with shower curtains.
• Water-saving taps and showers to be installed.
• Energy-saving lighting to be installed in the bathroom.

Public Area Facilities For 4 Star Hotel
• 24X7 Reception facility.
• Valet (Parking) services to be available.
• Availability of Room, F & B and other packages/tariff.
• Heating and cooling to be provided in public areas.
• Lounge or seating area in the lobby
• Public restrooms for ladies and gents with soap and clean towels.
• Washbasin with running hot and cold water, a mirror, a sanitary bin with a lid in unisex & ladies toilet.

Room and other Facilities For The Differently Abled Guest
• At least one room for the differently-abled guest
• Bathroom with facilities for the differently-abled guest.
• Ramps with anti-slip floors at the entrance.
• Minimum door width should be one meter to allow wheelchair access.
• Public Restrooms should have facilities for the differently-abled guest.

Food and Beverage Facilities for 4 Star Classification.
• One 24 hours Multi-Cuisine Restaurant with Coffee Shop.
• One Specialty Restaurant and 24hours.
• 24 X 7 Room Service or In-Room Dining.
• Bar facilities.
• Crockery & Glassware to be used in all the dining areas.
• Cutlery to be at least stainless steel or preferably EPNS (Electro Plated Nickel Silver).
• Good quality metal cutlery to be used and aluminum cutlery prohibited.
• Plasticware accepted only in the pool area.

Required Kitchen Facilities for 4 Star Classification.
• Refrigerator with deep freezer.
• Segregated storage of Meat, fish and vegetables.
• Color-coded synthetic chopping boards.
• Tiled walls, non-slip floors.
• Head covering for all kitchen and F& B production staff.
• Daily germicidal cleaning of floors.
• Good quality cooking vessels/utensils.
• Use of aluminum vessels prohibited except for bakery
• All food-grade equipment containers to be used.
• Drinking water to be treated with UV + filtration.
• Good Ventilation system to be available.
• Garbage to be segregated – wet and dry.
• Wet garbage area to be air-conditioned.
• Receiving areas and stores to be clean and distinct from the garbage area.
• Every six-month medical check to be done for the F&B production staff.
• First-aid training for all kitchen staff.
• Pest control to be done at regular intervals.

Required Staff Qualifications, Skills and staff welfare for 4 Star Classification.
• Staff uniforms for the front of the house.
• English speaking front office staff.
• Percentage of supervisory staff should be 40%.
• Percentage of Skilled staff should be 30%.
• Uniforms to be clean and in good condition
• Have formally qualified Heads of Departments.
• Supervisory or skilled staff may have training or skill certification.
• Degree/diploma from reputed Hospitality Schools or Universities.
• Staff Rest Rooms – Separate for male and female employees with bunk beds, well lighted and ventilated.
• Staff Locker Room – Full-length mirror, hand dryer with liquid soap dispenser.
• Toilet facilities.

Guest Facilities for 4 Star Classification.
• Provision of a wheelchair for the differently-abled guest.
• Valet (parking) services to be available.
• Dry- cleaning/laundry could be outsourced (In-house facility is not mandatory).
• Tea / Coffee making facility in the room.
• Iron and Iron Board facility.
• Paid transportation on call.
• Shoe cleaning, shoehorn & slippers.
• Ice (from drinking water) on demand.
• Acceptance of common credit cards and facility/infrastructure for accepting/ making payments by digital transactions.
• Assistance with luggage on request.
• A public telephone on-premises.
• Unit charges made known to the guest.
• Wake-up call service on request (Both Automated and Manual by the Operators.)
• Messages for guests to be recorded and delivered.
• Name Address and telephone numbers of doctors with the front desk (Doctor on Call services)
• Stamps and mailing facilities.
• Newspapers.
• Access to travel desk facilities.
• Left luggage facilities.
• Provision for emergency supplies like medicines, toiletries, first aid kit.
• Health – Fitness facilities.
• Florist.
• Telephone facility within arm’s reach of the toilet seat.
• Provide at least two multi-purpose sockets.
• A telephone for incoming & outgoing calls in the room.
• PC / Business center available for guest use with internet access.
• Wireless internet access in the guest room and public areas.
• In-room Internet Connection/Data Port.
• In-room entertainment systems like pay-tv, online streaming etc.
• Email service.
• Fax, photocopy and printing Services.
• Parking Facilities.

Safety and Security Facilities for 4 Star Classification.
As per the mandate of ACOHI.

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