Project ACOHI Kamdhenu

Project ACOHI Kamdhenu


Project ACOHI Kamdhenu

One of the dream project of ACOHI, which will give wings for Research & Development in the Animal Husbandry Sector giving accurate results for better milk & its allied products to Hospitality Industry of India, Kamdhenu project will be the torchlight for India as far as its rich planning & execution is concerned. It will also be a sense of pride for each Indian the way it will evolve our age old practices of ancient times, process, methodology, science and medicinal world of our sages and heritage of India.

  1. Project will have an entire range of Indian breed cows as per the topography and their original bloodline.
  2. Alkaline Water for Cows.
  3. Maximum open areas for cows.
  4. Complete diet planning with super fodder management with insertion of 10-12 herbs as per the formula & season.
  5. Will have an exclusive research station with state of the art tools for research and development.
  6. Scientific shades/shelters for cows for better air and wind flow with 250 GSM Patra, exclusive fans/exhaust in heated regions. Different parameters will be used for different temperature areas and topography as per the need.
  7. Semen Research Center.
  8. Infra with kaccha pakka floor for cows.
  9. No machine milking, only hand milking.
  10. Sensor fitted Massagers for Cows.
  11. Exclusive Panchgavya Store.
  12. Use of flowers and creepers for greenery around the project.
  13. As the cows have a sense of recognition, every cow to be named as per Indian tradition.
  14. Will have a small Veterinary Hospital setup as well with moveable X Ray machines to avoid long transportation of cows for X Ray Scanning over several kilometers which makes them more sick. Medications will be as per the ways of Ayurveda, Homeopathy & Allopathy.
  15. The Fodder area and food bowls will be of complete stainless steel.
  16. Exclusive record & book keeping will be there.
  17. CCTV footage for cow who is about to deliver for timely help from doctors for cow delivery management.
  18. Independent media department.
  19. Ailing cows to be kept in different areas  for speedy recovery. Will have a separate Ambulance for major shifting and medication.
  20. Insertion of music & prayers from time to time.
  21. History of kings and their likings will be researched as per topography and information will be used for further expansion & growth.
  22. Will have an independent Gobar Gas plant with subsidy from the Government.
  23. Major growth of Fodder plants and medicinal plants in the area. ( Suvadan, Jijva, Ashawaganda etc ).
  24. Research on Aura Management and implementation of it.
  25. Gold Research in Milk and implementation.
  26. Factory of A2 Milk and other genuine Products in the Food Manufacturing Division.
  27. Hotels CSR Project mapping and help the brand to establish on guiding basis.
  28. Winter food formula will be 50/50
  29. Summer more of Green fodder for better yield.
  30. Labour training on ground level, latest Kutti machines, usage of Gobar Gas Training.
  31. Elimination of fleas and mosquitos which is a major part of better cow management.
  32. High Tech storage management for milk and its dispensing to right sources.
  33. Temperature controlled vehicles and fleet management.
  34. Trained Drivers, Operation Staff & Labors along with local skilled people will be given jobs and livelihood.

In short, the arrival of Satyug … !!!

Be part of this massive change for our Nation,

Jai Hind … !!!

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