National Culinary ID

National Culinary ID

ACOHI Launches Culinary ID for the Hospitality Industry Across India and Asia

National Culinary ID

A Unique ID programme of Individual who is an expert of Hospitality Industry or working in this Industry in any capacity on National level. First time in entire World activated by ACOHI Chamber. It is similar to Aadhar Card of individual where Aadhar talks and give reference about his individual details where as Culinary ID gives details about his professional career with authentic and correct information about the person who is holding this Culinary ID.

Imagine of Expert/Person /Individual who is working with you or your organization, do you know the following details about him/her.

  • Where is he/she actually from?
  • What background he/she possess?
  • What special qualities he/she has as an employee?
  • Has the documents verified about his Schooling and Hotel Management Schooling?
  • Has his experience certificates verified with sources?
  • Does he/she have any criminal or any other background which needs to be known by the current employer?
  • Has he/she been awarded any time and authencity of his records and merits?
  • Has he/she doped any person /individual or organization in his/her career?
  • Does any negative reviews he/she has on social mediums?
  • Is he qualified enough for his pay?
  • Are any frauds/cases has been registered on his/her name?

All the above facts are checked and been given the individual an ID which he/she can posses for ever which needs to be renewed and updated every year with fresh documents and adjoining papers for verification which will acts as his/her Authencity and Updation about his/her professional career.

Employers will have easy hand if they find any candidate during their interview or scrutiny with Culinary ID which means already APPROVED CANDIDATE by ACOHI Chamber.

A must have for anyone who is working in Hospitality Industry of India, Asia and finally Globe.

Individuals or Organizations can also complaint/report about any individual or organization to Culinary ID Department which will be stored in records books with us in case they wish to report about someone.

The above unique programme of Culinary ID will make our Industry more Safe & Authentic. To get registered with us for Culinary ID, kindly fill the below form.

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